Staying ahead in this fast moving industry requires technological innovation coupled with the ability to deliver the products your customers require.

ZKTeco offers our clients a wide array of OEM and ODM concepts and products that can form the basis of your complete product offering. We coordinate all the development stages necessary to provide you with the best product based on your identified requirements.

For ODM projects, once we have established your requirements, our team moves quickly to present a design overview showing the appropriate stages of hardware and software development, all the way to plastic injection tools resulting in preproduction and full production devices.

With a wide range of terminals currently in production, and with new lines continuously being added based on market trends and customer feedback, ZKTeco can offer various options of OEM customized products. These products can be customized in the type of casing (enclosure), company or product logo, and specific functions.

Please contact your ZKTeco sales representative for further information on how we can provide you with the right solution to your corporate product needs.

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